Rama Presents New Government and Program

Rama Presents New Government and Program

During his first speech in Parliament, Prime Minister Edi Rama has spoken about the “lessons” he learned from his first term as government leader and has presented the program for his second term in office.

We are conscious of our mistakes and errors for four years just as we are conscious of the second mandate in which there is neither time nor reason nor morale to continue on the old road. […]

After yesterday dismissing the attacks of the opposition and former victims of the communist regime on Speaker of Parliament Gramoz Ruçi as the “echoes of emptiness,” today he suddenly realized that “we have judged wrongly when we disqualified every attack without analyzing its origin.”

Drugs and visa

The Prime Minister also again addressed the problem of cannabis cultivation, which he described as a “real problem that was however extremely inflated.” He again stressed that the government was involved in a “total offensive” against cannabis, which has brought “unimaginable results.” Meanwhile, he openly attacked EU governments for their worries about the growth of Albanian crime:

Today they are shamelessly talking in a few foreign capitals about ethnically Albanian crime and for this there is no discussion that we should be together.


Prime Minister Rama also addressed relations neighbor Greece, which recently have come under tension because of the urban masterplan of Himara, which allegedly includes the destruction of property owned by the Greek minority. Both the Greek President and Minister of Foreign Affairs have made declaration denouncing the plans of the Albanian government, which according to them blocks Albania’s integration process into the EU.

My message is simple and clear: We want reciprocal friendship, mutual respect, and strategic collaboration. […] Every Greek that lives in Albania is a member with freedom and equal rights of our family. And the Greek minority is a bridge linking our two countries. […] But Albania, independent of its worries and needs, will never close its eyes or mouth in defense of its own truths and rights.


From his new government program, which was not part of the electoral campaign but rather the result of a series of post-electoral meetings with party members in the country, under the theme of “co-governance with the common people,” the following items were mentioned:

  • We aim to be the force of example and not the example of force. We enter with all the goodwill to make Albania change starting the necessary change with ourselves.
  • We will do our best that the winners of these elections are those who don’t have the age to vote. This governing majority will put the interest of children in governmental politics, and the reforms that create a state in the name of children.
  • The Albanian government will commit itself that the gradual decrease of public debt to 60% of the GDP at the end of its mandate.
  • Public investments paid by the state budget will comprise around 5% of the GDP.
  • With the “1 Billion Euro Plan” we will inject more than 100 billion lekë into the economy, through the engagement of private capital and a large number of investment projects.
  • We will again raise the salary of teachers.
  • The customs services at Albanian harbors will merge with the customs services of Kosovo.





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