Will Rama Also Fire All the Ambassadors?

Will Rama Also Fire All the Ambassadors?

For several days there have been rumors that Prime Minister Edi Rama will collectively fire all Albanian ambassadors in foreign countries. And after his speech to the assembled corps diplomatique today in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it seems that his excuse will be the failure of Albania’s economic diplomacy:

[Regarding] the responsibility for the dramatic, 27-year absence of the foreign service in relation to the economy of the country, there are many factors and actors.

The economy of the country is a field that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs cannot consider to be outside its sphere of responsibilities and its duties. I myself don’t walk away from this responsibility before you, I am the first one who holds responsibility for such a grave weakness, completely unaddressed in the first mandate.

The work of the future chief will take up and value first of all how and how much the role of the foreign service will improve the economy of our country and your work on the basis of the real.

This claim of the Prime Minister is rather absurd, as attracting foreign investment is a direct responsibility of the Delivery Unit at the Prime Ministry, as well as the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Finance.

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