Albania in Top of European Money Laundering Countries

Albania in Top of European Money Laundering Countries

According to the Basel Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Index 2017, Albania is the top of high-risk risk countries in Europe and Central Asia. The index ranked 146 countries based on the risk level in money laundering and terrorist financing, and based on public sources and third-party assessments.

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Albanian scored 5.75 points in the index, and is ranked 85th out of 146. Within Europe only Serbia and Bosnia perform worse.

Compared to 2016, this is a worsening of the situation. Last year, Albania scored 5.04.

Recently, a confidential memo of the Dutch police and public prosecution showed a significant increase in Albanian criminal activity on the field of both drug trafficking and money laundering. Moreover, many public–private partnerships operate through Dutch postbox constructions, which are often used for money laundering schemes.

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