Police Files Lawsuit against Water Price Protesters

Police Files Lawsuit against Water Price Protesters

The Municipal Police has filed a lawsuit against three of the organizers of the protest of civil society against Tirana Mayor Erion Veliaj’s proposal to increase the water price.

Although the protest was completely peaceful, in its statement the police claims that the three environmental activists Rezarta Caushaj, Andi Tepelena, and Besjan Pesha, “incited the group of protesters to violent acts.” The police also claimed that the protest was illegal, as no permit had been given.

The organizers, however, claim that they received proper authorization from the Municipality to hold the protest.

The claims of the police once again show its double standard. Whereas the opposition was allowed for months to block a major artery in the capital without any permit whatsoever, simply because the Prime Minister allowed it, a genuine protest of civil society is “illegal” and “incites violence.”

Meanwhile, no one had been indicted for abuse of office for the illegal acts of the Municipal Council.

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