Demiraj: 4.5 Tons of Cannabis Seized since May 22

Demiraj: 4.5 Tons of Cannabis Seized since May 22
Minister of Interior Affairs Dritan Demiraj.

Through a Facebook post Minister of Interior Affairs Dritan Demiraj announced the results of his new policy against drug trafficking and cultivation in period May 22 to June 8.

In October last year Minister Demiraj expressed himself in strong terms about the problem of the cannabization of the country:

Look at what capacity we have today, we are not in the state to impose order and control upon the territory of Albania, which is filled everywhere with drugs, a phenomenon which today may be evaluated as a risk and threat, but tomorrow it will be too late. One of the main problems today in the world is the war against drugs and trafficking, because it is known that organized crime is very much linked with terrorist groups and terrorist attacks.

According to Minister Demiraj, the State Police arrived at the following results:

  • 4 ton and 438 kg cannabis seized;
  • 80 doses of heroin;
  • 30 people arrested, 12 wanted, 4 followed;
  • 7 seized rubber boats;
  • aerial monitoring in the regions of Vlora, Berat, Gjirokastra, Fier, Lezha, and Shkodra.


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