Main Points of the Rama–Basha Agreement

Main Points of the Rama–Basha Agreement
PD leader Lulzim Basha and Prime Minister Edi Rama after reaching the agreement. Photo by A. Rama.

After the negotiations of yesterday evening and night, Prime Minister Edi Rama and opposition leader Lulzim Basha have reached an agreement, with the following main points:

  • Elections will be postponed a week and held on June 25, 2017;
  • No pre-electoral coalitions will be allowed, all parties will run on their own;
  • Creation of a semi-caretaker government, which will include the following figures proposed by the opposition:
    • Deputy Prime Minister
    • Minister of Interior Affairs
    • Minister of Education
    • Minister of Health
    • Minister of Social Welfare and Youth
    • Minister of Finance
    • Minister of Justice
    • Director of the OShEE
    • General Director of Aluizni
    • General Director of the Cadaster
    • General Director of Prisons
    • General Director of the Agency of Rural and Agricultural Development
  • Chair of the Central Election Commission proposed by the opposition;
  • National Ombudsman proposed by the opposition;
  • Immediate approval of the parliamentary ad-hoc committees for the judicial reform;
  • Limitation of campaign financing and improvement of the Electoral Code, including heavier penalties for vote buying;
  • Thorough implementation of the decriminalization law, to clean up criminals from candidate lists;
  • After the elections, the parties promise to collaborate on drafting:
    • Constitutional reform
    • Electoral reform, including electronic voting
    • Reform of the public procurement and public spending system

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