Verona Mayor Feels Heat of Dubious Albanian Deal

Verona Mayor Feels Heat of Dubious Albanian Deal

Several confidential messages secured by Albanian media portal Hashtag suggest that people around Mayor of Verona Flavio Tosi have become alarmed by the risk of an explosion in the Italian media of a scandal currently underway in Tirana.

The scandal is related to the dubious sale of Serenissima srl, an Italian company contracted to construct the Fier and Vlora bypasses. Work has halted on both projects due to financial difficulties of the company.

Serenissima (with a capital of €5 million) was sold to L.C.I. srl (with a capital of €60,000). L.C.I. is owned by Italian citizen Giuseppe Latinno, convicted to three year imprisonment for financial fraud and in 2015 banned for five years from any commercial activity. L.C.I. is futher connected to Italian citizen Marco Lacaita, a lawyer who previously worked as representative of Serenissima.

In the meantime, the construction works led by Serenissima have been interrupted and the company has been indicted by two Albanian companies, C.A.E. Construction and Elite Mine, for an unpaid loan of €13 million. These two companies have now filed a criminal lawsuit in Italy against the fictional sale of Serenissima to L.C.I.

Serenissima, in turn, is part of the Italian corporation A4, which is owned for 49% by the Municipality of Verona.

Both the owners of Serenissima and people close to Mayor Tosi now appear alarmed about the possibility that the scandal of the sale of the bankrupt company might explode in the Italian just before the local elections, which will be held in Verona in  a few weeks.

Falvio Tosi is at the same time closely affiliated with Prime Minister Edi Rama and Mayor of Durrës Vangjush Dako. Last year, Prime Minister Rama forced Mayor of Tirana Erion Veliaj to sign a concession with a company controlled by the Municipality of Verona for the trash collection in Tirana.

Tosi was recently in Tirana together with the Mayor of Florence and architect Stefano Boeri at an event to promote the Tirana 2030 Masterplan.

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Italian Bar Association??
7 months 18 days ago

It is not the first time that this individual called Marco Lacaita has performed wrongdoings activities in Albania. Back in 2010 he was investigated by the legal firm he worked with for White collar crime for a significant project in Kosovo. Is the Italian Bar Association doing something?